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Gauntlet aka cuff
Small/Round Tapered
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Products for a Hostile World

Products for a Hostile World (PHW)

The time has come for women to arm themselves. Products for a Hostile World is designed for the empowered female. Inspired by such armed and dangerous role models as Wonder Woman and Athena, these objects will provoke late-night gallivanting, corporate coups, and revolutions of all kinds. This is jewelry that lights a fire under the sleeping warrior.

Fabricated using ultra-strong carbon fiber and sterling silver, these pieces are essential for shaking up the power structure. So next time your feeling daunted, slip into something a little more aggressive.

Designed by RIchterstudio, Inc.
Fabricated by Johanson Designers and Silversmiths

A portion of all sales will be donated to a human rights organization dedicated to fighting these injustices.

Made by hand in the USA